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The Aditus Program is committed to the advancement of Spanish students’ talent, academic excellence and equal opportunities.

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El Programa Aditus está promovido por la Fundación Max Mazin y tiene como principal objetivo asesorar a estudiantes españoles con alto potencial académico y recursos económicos limitados, en su proceso de solicitud a las universidades internacionales más prestigiosas.

In an increasingly globalised context, the Aditus team is committed to fostering excellence, as we believe it is the best investment for our country’s future.


Estudiantes seleccionados en 6 promociones de entre 814 candidaturas.


Estudiantes admitidos en universidades de EE.UU. en las 5 primeras promociones.


Ofertas para universidades de Reino Unido en las 5 primeras promociones.


Ayuda financiera concedida por las universidades a nuestros estudiantes para el ciclo de Grado.

Universities at which our students have been admitted.

Aditus comenzó en 2016 como una iniciativa para ayudar a los estudiantes españoles que quisiesen estudiar en una de las mejores universidades de Estados Unidos, como Princeton o Harvard. Inicialmente circunscrito a la Comunidad de Madrid desde 2019 admitimos solicitudes de toda España, y asistimos también con el proceso de admisión a universidades de Reino Unido, como Cambridge u Oxford.

Leo Villalba

Manchester University

Aditus gives you all the tools you need to be successful in college and improve yourself, and if you make use of them properly you will be prepared to become a different person! A better person, more mature and prepared for the outside world.  Read more.

Millán González

Harvard University

After a year at Harvard, I am convinced that I made the right decision by coming to the United States. Flexibility, interdisciplinarity and autonomy - values that are still uncommon in the Spanish system - are integrated into its teaching staff and student fabric that, in my opinion, inseparably tie personal and academic growth together. Read more.

Jimena Medina

Imperial College London

What seemed like a dream, applying for a place at an elite university, becomes a reality in just a few months. By having access to the support of the whole team, you realize that it is not an unattainable goal and learn to project yourself into the future. Read more.

Annabel Cabezas

Current cohort

My tutors have encouraged me to explore my passions and to question my decisions, and even my identity. The college application process is — therefore — proving to be a true effort of self-discovery and improvement. Read more.

Why consider studying abroad?

Dirigimos a nuestros estudiantes a las mejores universidades del mundo, buscando las que mejor se adaptan a su perfil particular. Otros países tienen formas diferentes de entender la educación universitaria, desde el enfoque más global de Estados Unidos hasta la especialización de una carrera en Reino Unido.  Además, vamos a ampliar el abanico de posibilidades para nuestros estudiantes, incluyendo universidades de Canadá, Holanda, Alemania, Francia e Italia.

In these countries, you will find educational programs that are more focused on the individual student, with individual mentoring, an international atmosphere, and a greater value being placed on entrepreneurship, with clubs and societies to develop yourself personally during your time at university.

How do the United States and United Kingdom differ?

In the United States you will find that some subjects are compulsory for all students, regardless of their degree. In the United Kingdom it is more common to focus on one's subject from the very start. Moreover, bachelor degrees in England are 3 years long, one fewer than in the United States or Scotland.

What do we value?

We are looking for students with a good English level, outstanding academic records, leadership, and keen to work towards their own objectives. The relationship between Aditus and its students rests upon their mutual trust, key to take on the hard work that will last for a year and require high personal responsibility.

Aimed at students in their First year of Bachillerato

El proceso de solicitud de las universidades de Estados Unidos , Reino Unido y otros países,  comienza mucho antes que el de España. Para poder prepararlo bien, our own application se abre en el mes de diciembre. Es necesario:

  1. Be a Spanish citizen.
  2. Study 1st of Bachillerato
  3. Have an outstanding academic record.
  4. Have a high level of English.

In the selection process, we will ask for a summary of the extracurricular activities you do, a short essay on a given topic, and data on your family's income to verify that it matches the program's requisites. Aditus aims to favour those students with the lowest income. Ultimately, we will call the finalists for an interview in English.

The Aditus team

Ariel Mazin

Secretario General de la Fundación Max Mazin

Inma Gómez

Coordinadora General del programa

Rafa Saiz

Fundador del Programa

Hertha Torre

USA Coordinator

Andrés Olivares

UK Coordinator

Scott Carroll

Exam coach

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