How we work

From 1st year of Bachillerato to ensure the students' success.

El Programa Aditus está comprometido con el talento de los estudiantes españoles, potenciando sus posibilidades para estudiar en las más prestigiosas universidades internacionales. Somos una organización sin ánimo de lucro y tanto el equipo técnico como los tutores y colaboradores,  trabajamos para que nuestros estudiantes demuestren un nivel óptimo de preparación y de calidad en sus solicitudes. 

We will help you with the whole process.

  • Tutors

    They are they basis of our program. You can have one personal tutor for the United States and one for the United Kingdom, depending on your interests. They will share their own experience and clear up your doubts in biweekly sessions, and can even help you with more generic issues, such as deciding on a major.

  • University guides

    We put together guides about the specifics of applying to each university, along with their financial aid.

  • Supervision

    We will follow your progress and provide a schedule so that the tasks don't pile up. At each step we will supply information on how to proceed.

  • Essays

    With the help of your tutors and the Aditus team you will iterate over the different drafts of your admission essays. They will make suggestions so that you can make the most out of your abilities and experiences.

  • Exams

    We have an exam coach for the SAT. American students spend a great amount of time preparing them, and thus we want our students to have access to professional help for this process. We will also guide you with the TOEFL and Oxbridge admission exams.

  • After Aditus

    Most of our students remain in Aditus as tutors for the program. We also keep in contact with the students once at university to support them with anything they may need help with.

Foreign universities

The United States and United Kingdom differ with respect to Spain and between themselves when it comes to their educational approach. To make an informed decision, it is important to be aware of these differences.

Our students

We have 4 years of experience. Thus we already have success stories of students who are following those programs that attracted them the most.


Selection process

Nuestro proceso de selección es sencillo y está abierto desde Noviembre a primero de bachillerato. Buscamos en nuestros estudiantes Aditus la misma excelencia que les van a pedir las mejores universidades.


  • December 2020

    Apply to Aditus Te pediremos tus notas de la ESO y de la primera evaluación de 1º de Bachillerato, así como certificados de nivel de inglés, un resumen de las actividades extraescolares en las que participas, un texto corto y datos sobre la renta familiar. Apply here from November onwards.

  • February 2021

    We will inform you if you have been admitted to the program. If that is the case we will match you with one of our tutors and we will start to work on the admission process. 

    If you are not selected we still encourage you to consider studying in the United States or United Kingdom.

  • March 2021

    We will inform you about the requirements.: in the United States most universities will ask for admission exams, specific essays, recommendation letters, possibly an interview, to fill in some forms about your academic trajectory, extracurricular activities, information on your family's finances, volunteering initiatives, prizes, honours, etc. For British universities you will need an essay about yourself, a recommendation letter from one of your teacher and possibly an admission exam.

  • March 2021

    Find out what you wish to study. You will need to reflect on which knowledge branch you like - sciences, humanities, engineering, liberal arts, etc. Do not stress if you cannot choose what to do exactly, in some cases you will be able to choose the specific subject once you have been accepted.

  • After march 2021

    We will help you with the admission exams.

    You must take the general SAT (Scholarship Aptitude Test) and two subject tests. They are similar to the Spanish Evau and focus mainly on the subjects that you are covering at school. They will also ask for an English exam (TOEFL).

    SAT exams can be taken in various cities in Spain several times a year and are organised by the College Board. You can find all the information at TOEFL exams take place on various dates each month; information at

  • After March 2021

    Start of tutorials Your tutors will guide you with selecting which universities and degrees to apply for and will explain the differences with respect to Spain in biweekly sessions each an hour long. 

    We encourage you to apply to 7-8 universities. You must make a balanced selection and be ambitious but nevertheless be aware of the hard work it requires. Moreover, we will make sure that the universities that you select are adequate for you: academic specialities, admission statistics, financial aid, etc.

  • Between March and December 2021

    Take the TOEFL and SAT exams if you wish to apply to the United States. We have an exam coach that will help you with the process, so that you can make the most out of your own talent.

  • After may 2021

    Find out about financial aid, together with our team and tutors.

    Even though tuition fees are high many universities will provide financial aid, with many students receiving need-based scholarships. The aid may be available as scholarships, loans, student work on campus, or a combination of some of these. A full scholarships is also a possibility.

    The admissions process is not affected by requesting financial aid.

  • Between mAY and December 2021

    Prepare the required essays with the aid of your tutors. We will iterate over many drafts, both for the United States and the United Kingdom. You should know that whereas in the United Kingdom you should focus specifically on academics, in the United States you will be required to write more introspective essays. 

    It is crucial to submit a well-written essay, as it is the platform through which you introduce yourself: life experiences, thoughts, passions, etc. In the United States they will want to ensure that you show leadership and motivation, both inside and outside your school. 

  • October 2021

    Request the recommendation letters. Most universities will ask for two recommendation letters from your high-school teachers. You will not be the one writing them, but it is advisable that you communicate the task well to your referees. In the United States they will also ask for a recommendation letter from someone else: a boss you may have had, an instructor, a tutor, or someone you know who studied in the United States and can provide evidence that you would fit in this environment.

  • November 2021

    Oxbridge exams At both Cambridge and Oxford many degrees may require an admissions exams. These are taken once, are specific to what you are applying for, and often require less preparation than the SAT.

  • December 2021

    Wrap up the application. Most universities will let you apply though the Common Application ( in the United States and UCAS ( in the United Kingdom. Some like MIT will have a different application, and Cambridge and Oxford will have an earlier deadline (October) and require an extra form.

    It is very important that you review the application thoroughly. Make sure that your school has submitted all the recommendation letters and that the universities have received the SAT and TOEFl grades.

  • January and February 2022

    Interviews. Not all universities will require them and not having one is normally not a bad sign.

    In the United Kingdom the interviews will be with a fellow of the University and, particularly at Oxbridge, will focus on your thinking skills. In the United States the interviews are typically with an alumnus. They wish to check that you are motivated and well-informed and that you will be a good fit.

  • Up to April 2022

    Receive the admissions' letters Most universities will email you before April with the outcome of the process. They may place you in a waiting list, thus postponing the decision a few months.

    In the United States it is common to email the admissions office stating your interest on the University and possibly updating some of the information on your application form.

    In the United Kingdom most offers will be conditional on your academic results (2nd of Bachillerato and possibly the EBAU). It is common for them to focus on the subjects that are most relevant for your chosen degree and for them to ask for grades that, based on the whole admissions process, they deem achievable.

  • From April 2022

    ¡Choose a university! Get a visa and plan your trip. Once you have been admitted, you must confirm your offer. The university of your choice will then provide you with information about the rest of the process.


If the process seems rather long, do not worry; Aditus will help you at every step to maximise your probability of success.