Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We want Aditus to reach every Spanish province. We will carry out both the tutoring process and the class preparation online, using a system already implemented during 2020 and as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sí, o encontrarse en proceso de tramitación de la misma. El Programa Aditus quiere contribuir a reforzar la presencia de estudiantes españoles en la élite de las universidades mundiales. 

No. We believe that the preparation, which extends over a year, must start in parallel with the first year of Bachillerato and extend to the beginning of the second; in this way, once the Baccalaureate has been completed, the student will know the outcome of their applications and will also be able to prepare the EvAU.

Since we are targeting the best American and British universities your English level must be high, at least a B2.
If you do not have an official certificate, you can submit a written statement from your English teacher (from high-school, an academy, etc.) in which they state the level they deem you to have.

It is not needed. We want to know what your interests are, what you have done and what you do in your free time. Include in this list all sports, languages, artistic activities or others that you practice, what level you have, how many hours a week you put into it, etc. 

La Beca Aditus está pensada para cubrir los gastos que el proceso de admisión exige individualmente, tales como tasas exámenes SAT, TOEFL, traducción jurada y envío de notas, tasas formularios (Commonapp, CSS). Estos gastos están estimados en unos 1.400€ en total, a lo largo del período completo de preparación.

Para que ningún estudiante Aditus tenga problemas para asumir esa cantidad, os solicitaremos información de la renta de vuestros padres y, de forma proporcional a la renta per cápita, asignaremos individualmente el % que corresponda de esa cantidad. Es decir, algún estudiante podrá recibir 1.400€ y su familia aporta 0€, o recibirá 1.000€ y la familia aportará 400€ y así sucesivamente.

Sí. El exámen SAT depende de un organismo internacional, el College Board, que proporciona la posibilidad de realizar pruebas presenciales, por el momento, en múltiples sedes de muchas ciudades del mundo.
The TOEFL, administered by the ETS organisation, can also be taken in multiple locations and, exceptionally during the Covid-19 pandemic, from home.
Los costes de los servicios que Aditus proporciona: clases de preparación exámenes (SAT, TOEFL), tutores que acompañan al estudiante en todo el proceso de admisión, materiales propios para preparar requisitos de las solicitudes y asesoramiento permanente de expertos, son asumidos íntegramente por la Fundación Max Mazin, promotora y organizadora del Programa. 
The individual expenses derived from the exam fees, application submissions, transcript translations, etc. will be covered by the Aditus Program or by the students themselves, depending on income criteria, as we have outlined in question 6.
The relationship between Aditus students and tutors relies on mutual trust, the basis for facing the intense, demanding work that will call on your personal responsibility for a whole year.
The Aditus tutors are Spanish students or graduates from the best universities in the world (Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Berkeley, Cambridge, Imperial College…). They will put their own knowledge and experience at your disposal, they will be demanding as is the process in which you are embarking, and they will advise and guide you throughout the year.
Our Aditus students have been admitted to prestigious universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Northwestern, Pennsylvania, Cornell, Imperial College, University College London, Warwick, Manchester, Bath...

The admission process to the Aditus program's target universities is the most competitive in the world; every year thousands of students strive to get in. The Aditus Program guarantees a high level preparation to its students but cannot, in any case, influence the universities' own admission process.

Just as we cannot guarantee admissions, we cannot guarantee the amount of financial aid that universities will provide, after a detailed study of the family income. Each has its own financial aid policy, which we will inform you about before submitting the application.

As is expected, the issue of financial aid is one of concern to many families, particularly given that Aditus students are applying to the most prestigious universities. Whilst they are the ones with the highest costs, they are at the same time the most generous, so as to fulfil their objective of attracting the best talent.

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