Our tutors

Personalised, individual attention forms the basis of our program.

They provide, on a voluntary basis, specific advice and guidance on every step of the admission process. 

Each student will be assigned a tutor, a student from one of the our selected international universities or equivalent, who will share their personal experience, answer the questions raised and suggest the best strategies to be followed by the student so as to be admitted at the university of their choice.

Not every student with the required intellectual potential wants to cross borders. It takes special entrepreneurship to wish to study in another country, especially if the university is ranked in the world's "top". The experience can be very entertaining, even like a movie, but the periods of stress and vulnerability should not be underestimated. Perhaps these students have wondered since they were little, is there a place where classes are not boring? Perhaps they have travelled and realised that the educational opportunities extend beyond their province. Or perhaps they have been contacted by an Aditus mentor and, instead of rejecting the opportunity as most would, they have thrown themselves at the challenge.

Whatever the motivation for temporarily leaving their family and home and moving to another country, all the students I've had the pleasure of mentoring have had exceptional motivation and curiosity. And it is the case that, apart from their outstanding academic results which they have already exploited during their school year, the selected students are powered by an indescribable passion for one or more academic subjects. It is worth working with such a student, one not easy to find but of which there are more in Spain than we may imagine.

Carlota Corbella

Graduated in Physics at Princeton University

Alonso Campos

Graduated in Physics at the University of Cambridge.

My name is Alonso, I have just graduated from the University of Cambridge (UK) with a Masters in Physics and I am about to start my PhD in Materials Science and Physics. I signed up for Aditus because it seemed like a great idea to help other Spanish students expand their horizons, and encourage them to consider foreign universities among their options. When I applied for a place in the UK, I did not have any help or advice, and though it turned out alright in the end, I would have been very grateful had I had someone to advise me through the stages of the admission process (application, application essays, interviews, etc.). 

For this reason, at Aditus I try to help students complete their application essays (“personal statement”), choose a university, and prepare their admission interviews.

Join as a tutor

If you are a student or have graduated from a university in the US or UK, we would appreciate your help as a tutor. We will take into account your specific motivation for joining the program as well as be careful not to exceed the work load you wish to impose on yourself. Whenever we can, we will support you in your career, such as with professional references.

You can use the form on the right to join or if you prefer just send as an email at info@programaaditus.org