Selection process

We accept applications from students in 1st of Bachillerato.

The application period begins in November. The application can be submitted via an online form.
1st phase


Make sure that you fulfil the requirements and apply through our online form from November onwards.

2nd phase


We will check the submitted data, ask for information on your family's income and, finally, perform interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

3rd phase

Begin your journey

We will select the new cohort of Aditus students and begin the preparation of a process that will conclude with the submission of applications to your chosen universities.

What will we ask for?

  • Spanish citizenship.
  • Notas de 3º y 4º de la ESO, con una media a partir de 8,5 sobre 10 y que adjuntéis el certificado del Colegio o Instituto.
  • Nivel de inglés avanzado (B2, C1, C2). Deberéis adjuntar un certificado oficial o, si no fuera posible, algún documento firmado por vuestro profesor/a de inglés o academia, que certifique la equivalencia con alguno de estos niveles oficiales.
  • Your grades from 1st of Bachillerato primera evaluación de 1º de Bachillerato.
  • A summary of the extracurricular activities that you take part in. We do not require titles or official diplomas; simply a list of how long you have been doing it for, at which level, the amount of time commitment, etc.
  • Para conoceros un poco mejor, os pediremos que nos redactéis un texto, no muy extenso, de unas 300 palabras, sobre algún tema que ya os indicaremos en el apartado Solicitud.

1st step, the application form

Once we receive all the applications and review the validity of the data, we will start the first step of the selection process by thoroughly reading and analysing what you have provided; afterwards, and as soon as we can, we will email you stating whether you will follow through the process. Although we are sure that all students are excellent, the program has limited resources and the cohorts are small, with 20-25 students at most.

Next steps of the process

  • We will ask for information on your family's financies, as the program aims to benefit those with the lowest income.
  • Those candidates who go through this filter will attend an interview with a member of our team. The interviews will be in English, with questions and style that mimic those carried out by the target universities.
  • Finally, we will announce our 5th Aditus cohort: we will contact your families to answer any queries, sign a collaboration agreement, and organise a Presentation Ceremony with the students, where you will also find alumni and tutors that will share their experience.
  • At this point, the Aditus program begins!

If you have any doubts you can always contacts us at in our contact section. You will be given the chance in the application form to optionally include any comments that you deem relevant to support your application.