Foreign universities

The United States and the United Kingdom differ in their academic approach.

There are several prestigious universities both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. There, students benefit not only from the excellence of the academic staff but also from being surrounded by highly motivated and capable students. In addition, due to the high level of internationalisation and cultural diversity, personal development is fostered.

Las universidades británicas y americanas difieren de la enseñanza universitaria española. Muchas de estas diferencias no son en sí una razón por la que estudiar en el extranjero, sino sencillamente un ejemplo de las opciones que pueden encontrarse en el mundo. En Aditus valoramos muy positivamente que los estudiantes estén informados para que puedan decidir por sí mismos qué estilo se adecúa más a lo que buscan obtener de una educación universitaria.

The universities in the United Kingdom and United States

  • Quality and Prestige

    Students benefit from having outstanding professors at their disposal and from a great career outlook. In most of these universities, the percentage of people working within a few months of finishing their degree is close to 100%.

  • Closeness

    Academic programs typically include multiple ways to learn, from lectures to seminars or tutorials. You can expect several hours a week dedicated to discussing specific questions, essays or interests with your teachers.

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship

    The system values that students are trained in skills that may be useful beyond their studies. It is very common for students to participate in societies, programs or projects that they like and which allow them to develop other skills.

  • Sports and societies

    Universities aim to foster a sense of community among their students. This leads to hundreds of student societies that allow one to meet people with their own interests. You will find sport clubs, dance or culinary groups, debate societies, and even groups of Spanish students.

  • Internationalisation

    One should expect a very international atmosphere, with students and teachers from all over the world. Studying abroad not only allows you to improve your English but also to get to know other cultures and communities.

Jimena Medina Rubio

Imperial College

In a process in which you showcase your potential as a future student to a university, it is key to ask yourself in the initial stage of personal reflection: who am I? Who do I want to be? Only once you find your answer, can you start building the self that exists in the applications.

🇬🇧 Reino Unido

A bachelor's degree in England lasts 3 years - 4 in Scotland - grouped into three terms, although one can find programs with integrated masters, usually optional, that include a fourth year. The focus is always academic and specific to the major you are studying, but you will find a variety of programs at different universities. Cambridge, for example, groups all Natural Sciences in first year and encourages you to learn from other branches. In engineering, both Cambridge and Oxford offer a common course, with a specialisation in the final year, while other universities such as Imperial admit students onto more specific programs.

The application process is handled by UCAS and is common to the whole United Kingdom, allowing you to apply to up to 5 universities. The more academic focus is also reflected here, with a relatively short application process that includes a Personal Statement, interviews and, in the case of Oxbridge, possible entrance exams that can be taken in Spain.

Within the degree, other than lectures, practicals or seminars, Cambridge and Oxford will also run supervisions, in groups of about 3 people and a teacher.

🇺🇸 Estados Unidos

The 4 years, divided into semesters, that a degree in the United States will last provides more room to include courses with a greater variety. In first year, the subjects will be varied and focused on personal development, covering the science and humanities regardless of your specific major. From the second year onwards, the programs are more focused, to train you professionally.

The application process is somewhat longer and must be started in the first year of Bachillerato, although it is also unified through the Common Application , apart from a few exceptions like MIT. They will ask you for introspective essays, the SAT and the TOEFL , and there is a possibility of accessing sports scholarships.

Millán González-Bueno

Harvard University

Harvard has allowed me to meet true leaders, some of them in crowded amphitheaters and others in the neighbour’s room; people who inspire me to become my best self, someone of value to society.

Our tutors will guide you

Many of our Aditus students decide to apply to both the United States and United Kingdom. In all these cases we match them with two tutors, one for each country, so that they can learn about both systems in detail and, once the admission processes are complete and taking into account their results, they can choose what suits them best.

Tutors are the basis of our program. We provide guides and resources to students, such as lists of scholarships and information about the admission process of each university, but it is the tutor who is always available to speak with the student and address their doubts. At the end of the process, students always appreciate how the tutor gets to know them and will even end up suggesting other related degrees or programs that they may not have considered.

Carlota Corbella

Princeton University

The selected students are powered by an indescribable passion for one or more academic subjects. It is worth working with such a student, one not easy to find but of which there are more in Spain than we may imagine.