Max Mazin Foundation

Promotes and finances the Aditus Program since 2017.

The Max Mazin Foundation, established in 2014 by the Mazin family, is firmly committed to the advancement of equal opportunities and to the support of the talent and effort of Spanish's students.

The Foundation has experience in similar projects with a social impact: it participates in the Educational Enrichment Program for High Ability Students (PEAC), and has promoted and financed, along with the CEIM Foundation, the Max Mazin Award, a prize that allows these students to to continue their degrees or postgraduate university studies in Spain.

Partner organizations

Banco de depósitos



Educational Enrichment Program for High Ability Students

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Our compromise with equality of opportunity, academic excellence, meritocracy and social transformation, prompts us to search for collaborations with entities, public or private, that share these objectives.

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