Estudiantes seleccionados en seis promociones de entre 814 candidaturas


Estudiantes admitidos en universidades de EE.UU. en las cinco primeras promociones.


Ofertas para universidades de Reino Unido en las cinco primeras promociones.

Universities at which our students have been admitted.

Aditus comenzó en 2016 como una iniciativa para ayudar a los estudiantes españoles que quisiesen estudiar en una de las mejores universidades de Estados Unidos, como Princeton o Harvard. Inicialmente circunscrito a la Comunidad de Madrid desde 2019 admitimos solicitudes de toda España, y asistimos también con el proceso de admisión a universidades de Reino Unido, como Cambridge u Oxford.

Our goal at Aditus

  • Betting on talent

    We foster the talent of the best Spanish students, aiming for them to reach their full potential. We are committed to academic excellence and equality of opportunity.

  • Advising

    We advise students on the available opportunities to student a Bachelor's degree outside of Spain, so that those who show interest and fulfil the requirements can consider it as an option.

  • Mentoring

    We follow the whole process together with our students, advising them freely on the individual steps and at a personal level. To this aim, we provide them with personalised training, guidance, and access to Spanish mentors who are studying or have graduated from the world's most prestigious universities.

  • Economic aid

    We assist those students with the greatest financial needs, following a study of their families financial situation, by reimbursing the cost of the admission exams.

All our students excel academically

9,5 – Average grade in ESO

9,5 – Average grade in Bachillerato

1445/1600 – Average grade in the SAT exam.

110/120 – Average grade in the TOEFL exam.


Are learning a third language.


Are pursuing advanced musical studies.

Beyond the numbers

Behind each of our students there is a tutor and a whole team working to advise and guide them on every step, from the entrance exam preparation to the completion of the application forms.

Our tutors are matched with our students according to their interests. We aim to provide them with tutors that study the subjects they wish to pursue and at the universities that best suit their profiles.

Leo Villalba

University of Manchester

Studying in the UK has completely changed my perspective of who I want to be. It has opened up a world of possibilities and has helped me grow and explore new opportunities.